SMS Router

SMS centers are designed and built according to the store and forward architecture. In other words, all messages sent by subscribers at the entrance are stored in a database and then based on different mechanisms are scheduled and sent to destinations. According to the observations of mobile operators, generally 80% of messages received in SMS centers, are delivered to receiver subscribers with first try. So it seems that the overhead of storage and scheduling for 80% of the messages can be deleted. PeykAsa short message router system is designed to send messages in real-time and delete storage and forward overhead for mobile operators.

This system is similar to a short message center in core mobile network and route messages to subscribers used the SMS service. Messages received by the system in are sent in real-time to the destination subscriber and if successful delivery, the delivery report message is sent to the sender. For SMSs that could not be delivered to the subscriber, are sent to the SMS center to be stored and forwarded according to a designed schedule.

System topology:

Main Features

  • Supports SS7 / SIGTRAN protocols
  • supports SMPP3.4
  • Able to send and receive SMS from / to mobile subscribers
  • Able to send and routing SMS to SMSCs
  • Able to directly send SMS to short message sender software in SMPP network
  • Supports all standard formats in GSM with7-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit Alphabet
  • Send delivery report
  • Produce CDR files
  • Support Diameter and SMPP + protocols for charging of prepaid subscribers
  • Ability to define different charging patterns according to the origin, destination numbers
  • Diagnosis and Management of duplicate messages
  • Provide different routing patterns with use of load sharing according to the prefix and other rules