SMS Firewall

PeykAsa SMS Firewall address mobile network vulnerabilities related to SMS and allows operator to shield their networks and subscribers from different kinds of SMS attacks and malicious activities. This product is designed based on a multi-level architecture to monitor and control all fields of SMS packets and make decisions regarding them during different steps. Using customized filters, PeykAsa SMS Firewall can recognize trusted packets and delivers them to the related receivers; whilst it hands over remained packets to the next level for more processing. In order to detect malicious packets as soon as they arrive at the network, PeykAsa SMS Firewall should be installed at the edge of the network to catch any packet before it can be spread over the network. The following image shows the topology of mobile network with SMS Firewall protection.

The product sits on the edge of the network to capture any incoming SMS packets.

PeykAsa SMS Firewall is a transparent node; so other elements in the network know nothing about its presence. It does not manipulate safe messages and just forwards them to the next node, but for suspicious messages, it blocks them and adds the source number to the black list.

Spam detection process is done during multiple complicated steps using advanced statistical algorithms, artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms. This solution is equipped with various in-house developed text mining algorithms and utilizes them in a parallel way to decrease processing time for some special kinds of spam messages.In this way, the architecture provides a near real-time, high precise mechanism for recognizing safe packets.


How PeykAsa SMS Firewall Works

  • Analyzing and Blocking Messages Based on Their Source/Destination Address (and other MAP fields)
  • Near Real-Time Detection of Trusted Messages among Others
  • Providing User-Defined Alarms Based on Flexible Thresholds
  • Applying Advanced and Customizable Filters to Messages

Protecting the Network against DoS Attacks


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