SMS Delivery


Roaming and interworking are at the center of the GSM success story. For MNOs having a bilateral relationship is somehow a time-consuming and complex procedure. Because of the overall cost of establishing bilateral relationships, operators are reluctant to open new roaming and interworking agreements. Mobile operators are increasingly searching for ways to further improve overall business efficiencies. PeykAsa SMS HUB offers a scalable and innovative solution for MNOs worldwide to overcome this concern. Having a single agreement with PeykAsa SMS HUB consequently, lets mobile operators have the opportunity to access global operators in a fully transparent manner.


PeykAsa SMS HUB Features

  • GSMA SMS Hubbing Group-Based Technical Solution
  • Breaks Out SMS from the Existing Signaling Path
  • Reroutes SMS according to Rule-Sets
  • Emulates HLR and MSC for Incoming SMS
  • Plays the Role of an SMSC for Outgoing SMS
  • Translates from SS7 to SMPP and Contrariwise
  • Modular, Scalable and Customizable Architecture
  • Scalable to Support 100K to 4M SMS per Hour
  • Supports SS7 Hubbing
  • Supports Both SMPP/IP Hubbing
  • Supports All Hybrid Hubbing
  • Guarantees Honest Delivery Report in SS7 Environment
  • Supports the Optional Store and Forward Architecture
  • Enables Transparency Based on IR.75 Recommendation
  • NTP Time Synchronization
  • Spam Filtering
  • Applies Black and White Lists according to the IR.75 Requirements