Secure and Scalable Mail server

With the development of computer networks within organizations, electronic mail system has become an essential tool for internal and inter-agency communications. Despite this required technology for enterprises, cyber security and control associated with the service, is one of the main concerns of senior managers. News about all kinds of abuses related to this service, and lack of controls, makes it hard for organizations to select appropriate service. Moreover, the lack of appropriate domestic product on the one hand and possible risks of foreign products on the other hand, has caused serious troubles for managers.
PayamAfzar PeykAsa Co. with over than ten years reputation and experiences in manufacturing and development of messaging products and related systems, has localized secure e-mail server and scalable system(SSMailer) with the support of Passive Defense Organization. After taking permission from the Information Technology Organization, PeykAsa has licensed this product as a public mail service in trade brand called “Rayana” and has sold it to main governmental organizations as well as hosting or selling mail servers.

The most important features of PeykAsa SSMailer

• Supports the large number of users (tens of millions of users)
• The ability of adding password and digital signature capabilities to sent letters to increase security
• The ability of announcing about receiving mails on the user’s cell phone (Received Mail Notification)
• The ability of receiving emails on the user’s mobile cell phone (Push Mail)
• With the android app version
• With the Jalali calendar
• The ability to search the title and text body of emails
• The ability of adding personal and favorite folders
• The ability of customizing webmail theme