Roaming Solutions

PeykAsa Welcome Roamer

PeykAsa Welcome Roamer is a solution with the ability to send greetings to travelers when they roam into the visited network. This system enables mobile operators with a wide range of configurable operations to react when a subscriber enters/exits to/from the network. It also utilizes a powerful web application which can be used on regular web browsers over the internet to monitor the inbound/outbound traffic in the network.


Key Features of PA-Welcome-Roamer:

  • Defining, Configuring and Managing All Location Related Parameters of Roamers
  • Creating Specific Groups of Roamers and Setting Different Rules for Each Group
  • Enabling MNOs to Have a More Accurate Analysis Based on the Generated CDRs for Inbound and Outbound Traffic
  • Generating Technical Customized Reports
  • Supporting SIGTRAN Protocol Layers
  • Sending Advertising/Informative Messages
  • Monitoring and Controlling All Components of the System
  • Supporting SNMP Protocol
  • Supporting Both HSL/LSL Links