Voice message service

Receipt, storage and voice messaging for mobile network (VMS)
Voice Message Broker product description
Voice message service or voicemail is an automatic voice answering service which is based on telephone network. According to configurations and subscriber’s needs it is able to respond to incoming calls in various situations such as:
• When subscriber’s device is off
• When subscriber is answering to another call and the line is busy
• When subscriber is not available or is Located outside the network coverage area
• When subscriber is not able to respond to his call

In these situations, after stablishing the communication between caller and system, the incoming message is recorded and stored by the system. Then subscriber could be able to retrieve and hear his messages at the right time.
Voice Message Broker centrally placed in the network. All features that is provided by a normal answering machine, is offered as default features in Voice Message Broker. It also provides some extended features such as: changing Greeting Message, Setting the parameters of the voice box, messages management and sending scheduled messages.
If subscriber’s voice mail was enabled and his line was busy or for any reason he was not able to answer the call, voicemail system performs recording of voice mail. Then it informs the subscriber about new received message through methods that is designated by him and could be as a text message, phone call or e-mail. At any time, the subscriber could be able to contact with the system, hear his voice messages and manage his voicemail using facilities which the system provides for him.