PeykAsa Diameter Signaling Controller

The excellent speed of 4G networks have led to increase in mobile signaling transactions and consequently generate network management issues for operators. It also puts high demands on various data roaming services, including voice, data, and multimedia. Thus, operators require providing their subscribers with high quality, seamless roaming services.

To communicate with other LTE networks, operators use Diameter protocol as a common language among their servers and software

PeykAsa Diameter Signaling Controller (PA-DSC) meets all these requirements by providing a flexible, scalable and robust framework which plays a vital role in securely interconnecting Diameter elements in 3G, IMS & LTE networks as well as policy deployment.

PeykAsa Diameter Signaling Controller is a modular platform that consists of the Diameter Edge Agent (PA-DEA) which manages activity at the edge of the network, the Diameter Routing Agent (PA-DRA) that is responsible for routing traffic in the core network, and the Diameter Advanced Roaming Hub Agent (PA-DARA) that provides roaming functionalities for exchanging LTE/4G roaming packets in real-time.