Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC)

PeykAsa Operation and Maintenance Center has been developed as the central management system for mobile phone network’s elements. Using stablished communication with installed elements in different sites, this product facilitates centralized management and maintenance of the elements. The system’s user will be able to view the online status of nodes and receives required cumulative reports. Also he can update the configuration of required nodes. It is worth noting that using this system, users can make a secure remote connection and perform management and maintenance of all network’s elements in a centralized way without requiring local O&M for each nodes.

PeykAsa OMC is based on Telecommunication network management standards recommended by 3GGP 32 series and includes the following:

  • Faultmanagementsubsystems
  • Performance management
  • Access management
  • Node management

Initially, the system has been developed to manage Peykasa’s products, but because all standards are considered, it is able to be used in other mobile network elements.

The features of PeykAsa OMC:

  • The possibility of receivingnotificationsfromdifferentnodesabout errors which occurred
  • The possibility ofreceiving a reportof theerrorsoccurred indifferentnodes
  • The possibility of reporting the performance of nodes (for one or more nodes)
  • Ability to defineformula forparametersor existingformulas
  • Allows you to viewgraphs(on the parameters orformulas) which reflectthe performance of online nodes
  • Ability toconfigure thenodesat the same time
  • The possibilityofusers (managers) withdifferentaccess levels
  • Allow to Definethreshold levelsfordifferentfieldsof nodesand determining notification system ifthe threshold was crossed
  • Defininga newnodeordelete anodefrom thesystem
  • The possibility of receiving notifications with events occurring in each sub-system
  • Ability to defineroutinereportsthat lead toautomaticreportingbythe system
  • Allowsloggingofalluseractionsandthe results oftheir activities