PeykAsa LBS (Location Based Services)

Due to the increasing development of wireless networks and rapid growth mobile communication market, more and more users are willing to use their mobile phones at any location to access the internet, perform financial transactions, etc.

In this regard, new applications and services are offered to mobile users. A new set of these services are called location-based which are, according to the user’s current location, capable of providing relevant services.

In recent years, due to the high demand for determining the exact location of users for such services, this area has attracted many researchers in the fields of wireless Communications.

PeykAsa LBS (Location Based Services) platform as a location information aggregator enables mobile operators and application developers to take the advantages of the LBS market.

PeykAsa LBS platform consists of multiple solutions for various applications and is compatible with different mobile network infrastructures.


Our solutions can be categorized under the main categories listed below:

1- Serving Mobile Location Center (SMLC) and Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC)       Based Solution

2- Probe-Based Solution

3- CAMEL-Based Solution

that in respect to MNO’s infrastructure can be deployed.

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