PeykAsa in News

Ali Kazemi:
Spreading Internet usage and Content Consumption
Mahdi Niamanesh:
The Afarinak task is to speed up content creation for kids
Hamidreza Naghavi:
Live SMS
Mahdi Niamanesh:
Digital revolution and content revolution
Sarah Sharifi in an interview with ILNA Parents can set the time limit in Afarinak Application to view videos and animations
Free display ad business with
Sank on 13 thousand mobile app
Substantive vacancies startup
ecosystem in Iran
Week engineer, talks with Sharif University of
Engineering Software startup substantive
vacancies startup ecosystem in Iran
Mahalleye Golobolbol 2 Program for all ages With
education and training
Phone Messages has been activated.
Iranian Email Website (Ryana) was unveiled.
The new version of the Afarinak app has
been unveiled.
The license for the operation of (VOD) to
PeykAsa software company.
Possibility to send free SMS.