The unconscious thoughts and behaviors that we have at Peyka-Asa that lead us like an invisible guide, form our culture. Peyk-Asa has always emphasized on presenting a very rich firm company culture. Taking care of the company culture and trying hard to improve and develop it, has led us to achieve and establish a culture which is proudly one of our biggest advantages, and it is the reason of many of our achievements. This text is willing to present roots, different aspects and outstanding factors of this company culture. Peyk-Asaian culture has many details and points, which all of them are based on certain elements and standards.
– One of the elements of Peyk-Asaian culture is based on ” Theory of choice”. A primary explanation of the Theory of choice , assisted by MS. Sharifi.
-Trust is another which Peyk-Asa is based on that.

-“Collaboration and relying on the team’s insight are the values that drive Peyk-Asa. We believe in some values in our professional job. These values create some boundaries for the decisions we make at Peyk-Asa. These values always come first in all our decisions from small to big, and we never disregard or disrespect them

– One of the aspects of symmetric development which is our great mission in the company, is developing our human recourses. In order to achieve this development we need to make some ground rules and policies as a culture for everyone to consider it as an obligation to learn and grow.
Growth, learning and constant improvement are the values that Peyk-Asaian people always believe in it, and was the primitive policy from the starting point of establishing the company.
-On the other hand hiring, teaching, keeping competent and responsible employees is essential for the development of a competent human resource as part of a symmetric and stable achievements.
Valuing the competency and responsibility of our team has always been our main concern at Peyk-Asa , which has impacted all the activities related to human resources.
-At Peyk-Asa we know that in order to develop we need to have professional customer service.
The main goal of the founders of the company from the beginning has always been respecting, valuing and prioritizing our customers. In order to develop our market we always try to have a good customer service and respect our customers and their rights. In addition to that, we also believe the customers have the right to criticize. This applies to our customers inside the company. Our policy and aim is to be respondent, responsible for our shortages and to compensate our mistakes.
-One of the other values at Peyk-Asa is productivity and technical work in all our activities.
Peyk-Asa has joined the product market with extreme keenness in communicational software(mission critical). A field that not only before Peyk-Asa no other Iranian company has been able to break into it, but also after years of Peyk-Asa’s involvement still there isn’t any successful Iranian company working in it.
Keeping our enhancing our passion and also moving forward to the world’s standards and market is considered to be one of our main values.
-To follow this idea, Peyk-Asa as a science based company requires being more creative and design ways of trading that hasn’t established before.