Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC)

PeykAsa Operation and Maintenance Center has been developed as the central management system for mobile phone network’s elements. Using stablished communication with installed elements in different sites, this product facilitates centralized management and maintenance of the elements. The system’s user will be able to view the online status of nodes and receives required cumulative reports. […]

PeykAsa BSS

PeykAsa Business Support System (PeykAsa BSS) is a holistic approach to enable operators to attain excellence in customer experience, improve their network operations, and define advanced newfound services. It provides telecom enterprises a bird’s-eye view to measure customer satisfaction during customer’s life cycle and create, deliver and monitor various services based on their demands.   […]

Subhazard ratios

Subhazard ratios (competing risk of death) for myocardial infarction recurrence (primary end point), falls, fractures, ischemic stroke, and dementia, and hazard ratios (Cox) for all cause mortality were used to compare older (60+) statin users and 1:1 propensity score matched controls (n = 12,156). Participants were followed up for 10 years. RESULTS: Mean age was […]

It was scary early

“It was scary early,” said GSA coach Larry Gray. “We were down in every match on court to start off and we had a bus break down on the way, and I was thinking maybe this isn’t meant to be. But I give the kids credit, they fought back quickly and in three of the […]

Some 100 guests

Some 100 guests, including Garech Browne, attended a special Mother’s Day celebration to honour Princess Grace of Monaco (1929 1982). Organised by the Mayor’s office in Peille, the simple and enchanting ceremony took place in the ‘Jardin Princesse Grace’ in Saint Martin de Peille, tucked away in the dramatic Alpine foothills high above Monaco. Naturally, […]

Ottumwa Walsh players line up

Ottumwa Walsh players line up for a victory picture after their convincing win over Northeast Hamilton of Blairsburg Friday afternoon in Des Moines. They are from top to bottom, Tim Deiters, Chuck Bendlage, Karl Steffen, Pat Carr, Mike Mclnerney and Coach Ray Tennant. The win put the Gaels into the Class A finals against number […]

Your body converts dietary cholesterol

Your body converts dietary cholesterol into dehydroepiandrosterone. This hormone is the most prevalent steroid circulating throughout the human body. According to a 1998 article in “Clinical Endocrinology,” DHEA supplementation increases the muscular strength of men. cheap ray bans Next time I took an Uber with a friend, I had her ask about her rating. She […]

Dear Annie

Dear Annie: After 24 years of marriage, my husband wants to split up. I have had health issues for a few years, and now he says he is tired of dealing with them. We have been living with his parents and our three kids for about a year and a half. David P. Samson, center, […]

Today we will be reviewing

Today we will be reviewing the XFX Double Dissipation Radeon R9 290 4GB graphics card that is sold under part number R9290AEDFD for $439.99 shipped with a Limited Lifetime Warranty if you register within 30 days of purchase. These clock speeds are fairly standard for a Radeon R9 290 from any brand, so we wouldn […]

He believes people will get used

He believes people will get used to fees much like folks have accepted LinkedIn’s premium service. “The more value added things you surround yourself with, the less price sensitive people become. Snapchat has shown the willingness to go there,” Fader notes.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china The injury left him paralyzed from the middle of […]