Short Message Service Center

Short message service system is the first product developed in PeykAsa and the only short message Service system developed in Iran. The first version of this product is released in the year 1380 (2000 AD) and with similar foreign products have been produced in Iran and the mid-80s in the first operator’s network is operational. […]

Short Message Service Gateway

Short Message Exchange Management System between SMS centers and value-added service providers (SMSG) SMPP Gateway is a SMPP protocol based interface between SMPP service centers and SMS centers established in mobile and fixed network. Because of existence of multiple SMSC in mobile and fixed networks, causes value-added service providers (VASP) to connect all of the […]

SMS Router

SMS centers are designed and built according to the store and forward architecture. In other words, all messages sent by subscribers at the entrance are stored in a database and then based on different mechanisms are scheduled and sent to destinations. According to the observations of mobile operators, generally 80% of messages received in SMS […]

Multimedia Messages Service

Receiving, storing and sending multimedia messages (text, picture, voice) service for mobile network (PA-MMSC) Multimedia messages service allows sending and receiving a complete set of messages according to each user’s phone. Multimedia messages can be exchanged in a variety of networks using IP-based protocols and its related messaging protocols. This solution, adapts sending messages in […]

Fixed SMS Center

Fixed SMS Service is the first and only system capable of sending and receiving messages landline in Iran. The first version of this product has been exploited in the fixed telephone network of Tehran and East Azerbaijan Provinces. This system is installed in the core of fixed telephone network (PSTN) and allows sending and receiving […]

SMS Delivery

International SMS HUB Supporting Different Protocols and Routing Standards Advanced Spam and Fraud Detection Fast Time to Market