Call Management

VoIP Intelligent Policy Enforcement

Today, most of fixed/mobile operators and service providers need to equip their network with policy enforcement capabilities to apply the specific policies, rules and laws. This is a forensic action in accordance with ETSI 201 671 v2-1-7, which leads to the manipulating and enforcing policies on the traffic. PeykAsa VoIP Intelligent Policy Enforcement (VIPE) applies […]

Missed Call Alert Center

One of the most important aspects of mobile communications networks is service quality which has a significant impact on improving the network performance and customer satisfaction. Missed call Alert system has significant influence on reducing the number of the efforts of a caller when the receiver is not available and thus helps operators to use […]

Voice message service

Receipt, storage and voice messaging for mobile network (VMS) Voice Message Broker product description Voice message service or voicemail is an automatic voice answering service which is based on telephone network. According to configurations and subscriber’s needs it is able to respond to incoming calls in various situations such as: • When subscriber’s device is […]