About Us

PeykAsa was Founded in 2000 as a startup team of computer engineering department from the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. PeykAsa is the first provider of carrier-grade SMS Center in Iran and pioneer in the Middle East. As a market leader in telecom solutions, we offer four business threads for various value chain points and now is growing fast in new and innovative fields of digital technology.The insights and established businesses we deliver are:
· Mobile core network solutions including SMS
Center/Gateway and Hubbing, Signalling Analysis and Hubbing, Roaming Management Services, Security and Fraud Management Systems, Policy Enforcement Solutions, Location Based, IoT and VAS Delivery platforms.
· Business Support System(BSS) is the latest business line
we offer through different business models referring to customers. We provide managed services to the fixed-line operators, MNOs and MVNOs; besides as a service aggregator, we enable service providers with fast time to the market.
. Mobile marketing and Digital Advertising Service under
“Asanak” brand that offers SMS-based platform and service delivery platform(SDP) for fixed-line operators through a comprehensive set of web services, enabling our numerous sales representatives to provide our services in B2B/B2C models to the market. Innovative Location-aware Advertisement is one of the approaches provided by this business unit.
· Video On Demand (VOD) platform under “Afarinak” brand
that offers “Entertainment” services for kids. Along with offering VOD platform with parental control features we provide attractive media content as well.
PeykAsa currently manages more than 50 carrier-grade services for telecom operators such as Mobile Company of Iran (MCI), Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI), Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC), MTN/Irancell, Rightel and a vast number of MVNOs in Iran and mobile operators in Europe that over 80 million mobile and fixed-line subscribers use our solutions on a daily basis.