We are known for

  • Telecom Products and Services Diversification

  • Modern Organization, Highly Talented Brilliant Staff

  • Continuous Creativity as our Core Competency

  • Utilizing Best Practices

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Quality Work on Top of Our Values

Our Story

  • The advent of a student organization in the department of computer engineering, Sharif University
  • The first exchanging of short message using the Iranian SMSC within Iran
  • Completing development of the first version of the SMSC product
  • The product was named as “PeykAsa” which means: the Easy, Fast and Secure Short Message
  • Establishing the company as “Peykasa Messageware”
  • Launching a version of SMSC in MCI operator of Shiraz with the capacity to support about 800,000 subscribers
  • Launching and presenting the first SMS-based Value Added Service (VAS) in Telecom exhibition
  • The first installation of SMSC in MTCE, Isfahan
  • Launching the pilot version of SMSC with the capacity to support about 200,000 subscribers in MCI operator, the site of Shiraz
  • Introducing “TSA” to the market as a product that preserve international borders of telecom operators
  • Unveiling “SMS Mediator” product to manage and preserve the internal network
  • Enhancing the capacity of operational SMSCs to 800 SMSs per second
  • Launching SMSC in Talia operator network
  • Enhancing the capacity of operational SMSCs to 1000 SMSs per second
  • Introducing “MCA Center” to the market with the capacity of 8.1 million subscribers
  • Offering “Welcome Roamer” to the market
  • Participating in GITEX exhibition on behalf of the Iran telecom industry
  • Owning a patent on “FSMSC – Fixed Short Message Service Center”
  • Launching “Asanak” as a product for sending and receiving SMS via fixed-line numbers
  • Introducing “Rayana”, the Iranian Webmail Service
  • Launching the new version of SMSC with the capacity of 2000 SMS per second
  • Holding a seminar about “Global Messaging”
  • Presenting “FSMSC – Fixed Short Message Service Center” as a new product to the market
  • Developing some products for 2.5G network (MMSC, OTA, WAPGW)
  • Developing SDP as a System Delivery Platform
  • Launching “Afarina” as a SMS-based Value Added Service
  • Unveiling “VoIP Management System” for managing high-capacity VoIP lines
  • Setting-up “SMS Hub” for exchanging messages internationally
  • Developing “Telecom Firewall”
  • Launching “Afarinak” as a data Value Added Service
  • Launching location based services solution called “Peykasa LBS Platform”
  • Setting-up an infrastructure for exchanging international signaling
  • Taking the security certification for “Rayana” webmail
  • Was elected as the second best ICT company in the national ceremony of Telecommunication and Information Technology
  • Holding the first Tournament of “XP Games”
  • Accepted by vice-presidency for science and technology as a “knowledge based” company
  • Rayana was elected as the best website in the “Web Iran” festival
  • Asanak was activated for “Alborz” province subscribers
  • Holding the “10-year-PeykAsa” celebration
  • Announcing Diameter Signaling Controller for protecting and routing LTE network packets
  • Upgrading SDP to be able sending over 5000 SMS per second
  • Taking the license of Video on Demand service (VoD)
  • Introducing PeyPa as a location-based bulk messaging service
  • Unveiling PeykAsa-BSS as a unified comprehensive solution including:
  • PRM + CRM + AAA + OCS/OFCS + BI + Customer SelfCare components
  • Launching PeykAsa App Store Platform
  • Unveiling “SMS Firewall” and “SigFire” products for protecting signaling and messaging packets
  • Launching the Intelligent Report System for analyzing roaming data to enhance quality of roaming services

Some of our products

  • Roaming Solutions

    Steering of Roaming / Welcome Roamer

    • High Quality and Seamless Roaming Service
    • Enhancing Customer Loyalty
    • For 2G/3G/4G Networks

  • SMS Delivery

    International SMS HUB

    • Supporting Different Protocols and Routing Standards
    • Advanced Spam and Fraud Detection
    • Fast Time to Market

  • TSA

    Transparent Signaling Analyzer

    • Analyzing any Packets of all Protocols
    • Vendor-Independent, Highly Adaptable to Different Networks

  • LBS

    Location-Based Service Platform

    • Single Point of Access for All LBS Providers
    • Highly Scalable Platform
    • Supporting Different Positioning Methods


Premium Content Services
– Attractive Video on Demand (VOD) Platform
– Parental Control Panel
– Secure and Reliable Environment for Children
– Provides Funny and Intelligent Environment


Marketing Message Platform
– Cloud-Based SMS Service
– Convenient and Powerful Web Service
– Easy and User-Friendly Interface
– Mobile App Advertising Platform

– Subscriber-division based on their location, with the intention of improving notifications› efficiency
– Boosting customer satisfaction through
avoiding irrelevant bulk/advertisement messages
– Providing location-based emergency/service messages to subscribers
– Improving speed and quality of notification services