VoIP Intelligent Policy Enforcement

VoIP service or voice call in the context of IP, is a new and low-cost alternative for voice calls on fixed and mobile networks. In recent years, in addition to the main VoIP services, fixed line operators take advantage of VoIP in order to transfer calls in PSTN to remote destinations (eg, internal calls to abroad),due to its cost-effective and easier to implementation character. PeykAsa VoIP firewall is a high capacity firewall system to monitor, control and centralized management of incoming and outgoing traffic in VoIP, which aims to strengthen and secure VoIP communications in fixed telephone operator’s platforms.


The main features of this system are as follows:

  • Supported protocols: SIP and H 323
  • Control of 30 thousand simultaneous calls
  • Supports bandwidth of 3 Gbps
  • Record all calls and generates CDR files
  • Able to track calls
  • Routing and transfer calls to different available routes
  • Able to block calls, based on defined rules
  • Able to recognize adverse calls and events in Network

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