PeykAsa International Signaling Service

Our International Signaling Service Resolves the Interconnection Issues of Mobile Operators Across 2G and 3G Networks Which is based on the International Standard SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols.   International 2G/3G/4G Signaling Service Faster Time-to-Market, Lower CAPEX and OPEX Single Point of Access to the International 2G, 3G and 4G Signaling Networks Carrier-Grade Quality Advanced Traffic […]

VOIP traffic firewall system

VoIP service or voice call in the context of IP, is a new and low-cost alternative for voice calls on fixed and mobile networks. In recent years, in addition to the main VoIP services, fixed line operators take advantage of VoIP in order to transfer calls in PSTN to remote destinations (eg, internal calls to […]

Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC)

PeykAsa Operation and Maintenance Center has been developed as the central management system for mobile phone network’s elements. Using stablished communication with installed elements in different sites, this product facilitates centralized management and maintenance of the elements. The system’s user will be able to view the online status of nodes and receives required cumulative reports. […]

PeykAsa Diameter Signaling Controller (PA-DSC)

The excellent speed of 4G networks have led to increase in mobile signaling transactions and consequently generate network management issues for operators. It also puts high demands on various data roaming services, including voice, data, and multimedia. Thus, operators require providing their subscribers with high quality, seamless roaming services. To communicate with other LTE networks, […]

PeykAsa BSS

PeykAsa Business Support System (PeykAsa BSS) is a holistic approach to enable operators to attain excellence in customer experience, improve their network operations, and define advanced newfound services. It provides telecom enterprises a bird’s-eye view to measure customer satisfaction during customer’s life cycle and create, deliver and monitor various services based on their demands.   […]

Short message Service Center (SMSC)

Short message service system is the first product developed in PeykAsa and the only short message Service system developed in Iran. The first version of this product is released in the year 1380 (2000 AD) and with similar foreign products have been produced in Iran and the mid-80s in the first operator’s network is operational. […]